4 Myths about Korean Chinese Cuisine you need to know right now!

Fusions always great especially when it’s of two cultural cuisines. You might have tried and even love the famous Korean-Chinese cuisine many times. But, there are a few myths about this combo that will blow your mind.
So, let’s check out the top four myths about Korean Chinese cuisine right here:

1.Dog meat in Dishes

Many people around the world think that most Korean Chinese cuisine has dog meat in it. Well, just to clarify that not every dish has dog meat in it. In a few regions of Korea and china dog food is famous but in most places, it is prohibited. It’s a belief that old men eat dog meat to stay fit and active. But, it’s not that special. However, the old associations might eat dog meat to stay fit but normally it is not added to dishes. Moreover, the dog is a domestic animal and most of the people doesn’t like to eat dog meat. So, whenever you visit any Korean Chinese restaurant, forget about eating dog meat. The best thing you can do is to ask the chef or serving person about it.


2. Kimchi is a Decayed Cabbage

The famous Korean-Chinese dish Kimchi has many myths about it one of it is that rotten cabbage is kimchi. Correction- not rotten but yes a few days old cabbages are used to prepare Kimmchi. This is what one can call fermentation. The reason behind this is scientific- fermented food help to digest better. Like other fermented food like cheese, beer, curd, bread, a yoghurt, Kimchi also has bacteria that can grasp every kind of food. The aroma of Kimchi is amazing. If you are trying it for the first time, you would definitely get addicted to it just like cheese or any other fermented food for sure. So, try it out of the famous Korean Chinese food menu right now!


3.Never Eat Rice with Chopsticks

There are hundreds of myths about chopsticks. You should never stick your chopsticks in the rice or even eat rice with chopsticks is what some people think around the world. Sticking chopsticks in the rice are true to some extents. The older generation here is pretty serious about it. Many people get upset when somebody sticks their chopsticks in the rice. But, the younger generation is quite relaxed about it. So, be aware of using a chopstick or at least just use it according to the culture.

4.Improved Sperm Count & Health

There is no word to explain this myth. How can it even be possible? In no world it could be real and even if it is, what about women? Korean Chinese food might have various health benefits but this is not one of them certainly. There are no scientific reasons or a particular claim about it. So, without discussing it any further, let this myth be a myth.
Amazed? Aren’t you? Well, it’s obvious. So, now you know about the top four myths about Korean chine cuisine. No matter what people say, Korean Chinese is one of the tastiest dishes in the world.


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