Are You Passionate for Chinese Food? Must Try these 4 Traditional Cuisines!

There will be hardly someone who does not like the Chinese food. People love to have it with joy. Everyone likes it different style of cooking and unique flavour. One of the other reasons that attracts people to have it is, healthy ingredients in it and preparation method. Chinese people are very conscious about the food ingredients and their nutrition values. Every part of the dish is prepared from the scratch whether it’s a tomato sauce or chilli sauce.
If you are also crazy for the Chinese food, you must taste following 4 main dishes in a famous Korean Chinese food restaurant.
It is one of the most famous Chinese foods all over the world. There is also a saying in the China that “no satisfaction without noodles”. You only know the name “noodles” but do you know the different types of this famous food?
This famous food item comes with various varieties. Some of them are right here:
Hot Dry Noodles

In the recipe of this cuisine, noodles cooked noodles are mixed with the oil and then dried. Before serving they are boiled and condiments are mixed in. Specifically, they have soy sauce, pickled veggies, and sesame paste.
Fried Noodles
This type is usually found in the Western Chinese restaurant menus. This is a classic street food that you can always try for just a quick, cheap, and tasty lunch.
Cold Noodles
These are also a very common street food, simple to cook and some pieces of cucumber are added to prepare them. These are also served with the chilli sauce and sesame sauce. Such noodles also come in the form of flat form opposed to traditional string like noodles.
Like noodles Chinese also cook the rice in different ways. Fried rice are the main recipe of the of the Chinese food menu. To prepare this recipe previously cooked rice are used. Day-old rice are good, but the rice that are two or three days old are the best.
Chinese love to add some basic vegetable to prepare them and serve to their guests. They also add egg, meat, chicken, and roasted pork to make the dish more delicious.
Whenever you visit any traditional Korean Chinese food restaurant you should not skip the chance to have the scrumptious rice bowl.

3.Sea Food
Those who are great lover of sea food can go for the Chinese cuisines. The traditional dishes of China come with wide variety of the sea food that will surely make you crazy.
It is said that Chinese people can eat anything such as turtle, shrimps, cuttlefish, shark, and whatever they want. They have discovered the various ways to make the sea food tasty.

breaded_shrimp (1)
People love to have fish cooked in the Chinese style. The bones are rarely removed so that one can eat slowly. Moreover, fish are usually cooked whole and most of the Chinese people eat the fish with head.
They also add salt, ginger, and chilli to make it more flavourful.
You must visit a well-known Korean Chinese food restaurant in your city that can offer you traditional, tasty, and unique Chinese dishes.


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