7 Korean Chinese Food Etiquettes Every Foodie Needs to Know now

Every country has its own food tradition and following them shows our respect and love towards their cooking culture. While eating a traditional cuisine from refilling a glass to accepting a dish, it is essential to know every do’s and don’ts. The same fact is followed if you are going to have a Korean Chinese cuisine.
What are the things that you should avoid when eating in a Korean Chinese food restaurant? Know them here:
1)Don’t Flip the Fish
It’s normally seen as a bad luck when you flip the fish plus it’s been said that flipping fish over is like saying that fisherman’s boat is going to capsize. All and all, avoid doing it so that their beliefs and sentiments remain safe.

2)Never Discuss your Business During the Meal
It is suggested to not to discuss your business issues on the dining table. Good topics of conversation such as art, food, and sights are considered as the best things to say while eating. Enquiries about the health and well-being of family members are also considered as a good conversation. As in all cultures, discussions are to be kept light and general, not serious politics or religion.
3)Respecting Before Eating
The beauty of having a meal at Korean Chinese food restaurant in Bayside is that you have to serve the food in front of the elders and children firstly. Before starting to eat, the host may offer some words of greeting and you should not start to eat until the host says, ‘Please enjoy yourself’ or something like that, otherwise it suggests disrespect and causes displeasure.
4)Never be the One to Pick the Last Piece
Picking the last piece of anything is considered as a bad luck and shows your greed and being too hungry. It is the host’s responsibility to keep an eye on the various dishes and support the guest to not to take the last piece of something before the dish is removed from the table.

5)Fruits Signifies the End of Meal
Usually, when fruits are served it signifies that it’s time to end the meal. However, the host might persuade you to take whatever food is left uneaten home. So, don’t hesitate to take the leftovers with you.
6)Both Hands for a Toast
To show the utmost respect it is preferred to use both of your hands during the toast. If you want to use one hand, it must only be the right hand and the Chinese do not typically tinkle the glasses.
7)Sample Bite Every Dish
It might be measured rude if you do not sample a bite of every dish. There might be some situations when your host will be looking at you to see your interest in the dishes. They might offer you the dish that they have noticed you tasting the most.
By following these key tips, you will be able to enjoy the food and respecting the custom at the same time.
So, visit your nearest restaurant and try the delicious Korean Chinese food now!


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