Korean- Chinese Culinary Mash up in NYC: 5 Dishes you won’t Regret Trying

In today’s era, everyone out there is looking out for some new taste and same goes with Korean and Chinese dishes as well. As, both Korea and China share a great culinary tradition dated back to latter half of 19th century, so the fusion of Korean-Chinese dishes actually provide people with authentic flavors.
It’s true that these recipes have their roots in Korea but with their growing popularity, they seem to pop up in New York, India, Japan, and at many other places as well.Moreover, if you believe that Korean and Chinese food is all about soup, kimchi and noodles or sushi, respectively, then you are missing a big picture of this tantalizing cuisine for sure.

Korean-Chinese cuisines to look out in NYC

Here, gourmands are not only showing their love for fortune cookie, crab rangoon, and sesame chicken. However, with the changing trend they have developed their affection for some very delicious Korean-Chinese dishes like Ja Jang Myun, Jjam pong and Udon, too.

Due to the popularity of this fusion, it is easily available at almost every Korean Chinese Restaurant in NYC. So, for real authentic taste you must try them at one of an eat out place, where these are prepared by professionals.
Below are some of the main and well-known dishes that include Korean-Chinese flavor. You can refer it and later enjoy at one of the restaurants in the city.

Ja Jang Myun

For lunch or dinner, it is the most filling food prepared from wheat flour, which is blended with other ingredients such as saltwater and baking soda. This mixture is converted into hand-made or machine-pulled noodles. Its sauce is made from fried chunjang with other fixings, such as soya sauce, meat, seafood, and other vegetables like onion and, cabbage (optional).Further, it is topped with cucumber, garnished with egg and stir-fried bamboo shoot slices.



This main course dish is cooked using pork or beef loin coated in batter, usually made by soaking a mixture of potato or corn starch in water for several hours. For thick consistency, cooking oil or egg white is used. It is served with sweet and sour sauce, made by boiling vinegar, sugar, and water, with a variety of fruits and vegetables.


Food aholic who are looking for spicy garlic fried boneless chicken; it is the main food for them. Served with sweet sour spicy sauce, this dish creates a delicious aroma that you will simply adore!!

Jjam Pong

If you are out only for an evening snack at one of the Korean Chinese Restaurant in Bayside then, you can try this light soup made with red and spicy seafood which is flavored with gochutgaru.The main ingredient of this soup is noodles. To add on to your taste, you can even include garlic, onion, carrots, mussels, and pork.


Udon is a pre-lunch or dinner snack. An alternative soup for those who love plain rather than hot-red spicy flavors! The main ingredient of it is noodles which also comprises onion and other vegetables. For more, it is also available with seafood as one of the main element.
Apart from this, for Bayside and NYC’s seafood lovers there is exclusive seafood menu available at restaurants which can fill them up, suppressing their appetite. So, go and have an experience of these appetizing cuisines at one of the Korean Chinese restaurants in NYC today.



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