4 Myths about Korean Chinese Cuisine you need to know right now!

Fusions always great especially when it’s of two cultural cuisines. You might have tried and even love the famous Korean-Chinese cuisine many times. But, there are a few myths about this combo that will blow your mind.
So, let’s check out the top four myths about Korean Chinese cuisine right here:

1.Dog meat in Dishes

Many people around the world think that most Korean Chinese cuisine has dog meat in it. Well, just to clarify that not every dish has dog meat in it. In a few regions of Korea and china dog food is famous but in most places, it is prohibited. It’s a belief that old men eat dog meat to stay fit and active. But, it’s not that special. However, the old associations might eat dog meat to stay fit but normally it is not added to dishes. Moreover, the dog is a domestic animal and most of the people doesn’t like to eat dog meat. So, whenever you visit any Korean Chinese restaurant, forget about eating dog meat. The best thing you can do is to ask the chef or serving person about it.


2. Kimchi is a Decayed Cabbage

The famous Korean-Chinese dish Kimchi has many myths about it one of it is that rotten cabbage is kimchi. Correction- not rotten but yes a few days old cabbages are used to prepare Kimmchi. This is what one can call fermentation. The reason behind this is scientific- fermented food help to digest better. Like other fermented food like cheese, beer, curd, bread, a yoghurt, Kimchi also has bacteria that can grasp every kind of food. The aroma of Kimchi is amazing. If you are trying it for the first time, you would definitely get addicted to it just like cheese or any other fermented food for sure. So, try it out of the famous Korean Chinese food menu right now!


3.Never Eat Rice with Chopsticks

There are hundreds of myths about chopsticks. You should never stick your chopsticks in the rice or even eat rice with chopsticks is what some people think around the world. Sticking chopsticks in the rice are true to some extents. The older generation here is pretty serious about it. Many people get upset when somebody sticks their chopsticks in the rice. But, the younger generation is quite relaxed about it. So, be aware of using a chopstick or at least just use it according to the culture.

4.Improved Sperm Count & Health

There is no word to explain this myth. How can it even be possible? In no world it could be real and even if it is, what about women? Korean Chinese food might have various health benefits but this is not one of them certainly. There are no scientific reasons or a particular claim about it. So, without discussing it any further, let this myth be a myth.
Amazed? Aren’t you? Well, it’s obvious. So, now you know about the top four myths about Korean chine cuisine. No matter what people say, Korean Chinese is one of the tastiest dishes in the world.


5 Essential Qualities of a Good Korean Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

Dining out endows a great opportunity to relax, unwind, and enjoy a delectable meal in a great atmosphere. While this is what most people in Bayside are looking for when they choose to dine out in a good Korean Chinese cuisine restaurant. A good restaurant bestows an overall pleasing experience by offering delicious delicacies, great ambience, and enjoyable music for the satisfaction of the customer.

So, to choose a perfect eatery in Bayside, one needs to look for several things before dining out there.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Excellent Customer service is a key characteristic an ideal restaurant should have. Patrons not only pay for the meal they had, but also for the experience of being served. A great restaurant will ensure that the wait staff boosts the guest experience through being chivalrous and well mannered. Also, the servers need to be conversant about the cuisine, something very helpful when you love exotic Korean Chinese cuisine!

Exotic Ambience

The old sayingfirst impression is the last impression. The moment you walk into the restaurant, you should feel cheery. The entire ambience should just be inviting and lovely and the lights should be bright enough for you to read the menu. Choose out a restaurant that contains the right music, dim lights, and a great atmosphere.


Soothing Music

Music always adds ambiance to a loving dinner. Many restaurants in Bayside feature local performers and live music. In fact, it can be a great addition to your meeting and will make it even more enjoyable. But music, especially if it’s loud, can be a distraction and make it difficult to carry on a conversation with your dear ones. So, choose a place that has soft and romantic music that you and your loved ones can enjoy.

High-Class Food

Food is incredibly imperative when choosing a Korean Chinese restaurant in Bayside to dine out. A good restaurant does not negotiate when it comes to serving high-quality food. Opt for a restaurant that offers scrumptious Korean-Chinese cuisines. One can always look for reviews from other customers to get a glimpse of the quality of food before visiting the restaurant.


Bleary Lighting

One of the most important facets of a good restaurant is lights. Pick a restaurant that has soft lighting features that instantly charges your mood. Dim lights and scented candles will surely augment the atmosphere in a restaurant making it an elite place to spend quality time with your family and friends.

Fits your Pocket

Food Quality? Checked! Music? Checked! Ambience? Checked! Is there anything-important left? Yes! The essential thing- Is the restaurant affordable or not! This is a crucial consideration when you want to dine out as a couple. The restaurant you pick should not dig a hole in your pockets. Keep in mind that some restaurants in Bayside tend to charge more than others do.

The good news is that now you probably have an idea to pick the Korean Chinese Cuisine Restaurant in Bayside. All these tips and tricks will help you to have a wonderful dining experience with your loved ones.


5 Dishes from Korean Chinese Food Menu in Bayside – Must Try

Derived from traditional Chinese cuisine and authentic ingredients of Korea, the fusion of Korean-Chinese food is just WOW. If you believe Korean cuisine is all about tofu, Korean BBQ, and kimchi, you’re missing the big picture. Koreans have included Chinese food in their cuisines to make it taste more luscious. One can enjoy the mashup of Korean-Chinese delicacy in Bayside now.

If you haven’t experienced any of the Korean Chinese cuisines, you’re definitely missing out something big. These luscious dishes will excite your senses to cherish your soul with every single bite of it.

So, here is a list of some wellknown dishes one try from Korean Chinese food menu in Bayside.

Explore more here.

Deep Fried Mandoo

Tasty and versatile, Mandu’s can be boiled, pan-fried, grilled, deep-fried, or steamed. It is a healthy delicacy that is enjoyed all over Korea. Loaded with intense and crispy tofu, sesame oil, beef, and kimchi, these dumplings will make you fall in love with them. They are crisp and light and are served with Korean Seasoned Dipping Sauce.


Tang Soo Yuk

Tang Soo Yuk is one of the most popular traditional Korean Chinese foods. It is a Chinese sweet and sour beef dish adapted for Korean taste. This dish is served with sweet and sour sauce, which is typically made by boiling sugar, vinegar, and water, with a variety of fruits and vegetables like cucumber, onion, carrot, pineapple, and mushroom.

Buseot Deop Bap

Buseot Deop Bap is a Korean-Chinese style mushroom rice bowl recipe. It’s basically loaded with mushrooms and served with a savory sauce Vegetables such as onions, carrots, and leafy greens may also be added to balance the dish. You can go out to lunch with your friends and family to have the experience of this luscious dish.


Ggan Poong Gi

Ggan Poong Gi is a spicy fried chicken stir-fried with vegetables and a sour, sweet, spicy sauce. It is a much-loved Korean-Chinese fusion dish, loaded with exotic Korean ingredients. Its delicious aroma and taste will blow your senses away. To add more taste, one can add spicy and sweet garlic sauce to it.

Ra Jo Gi

Ra Jo Gi is a well- known Korean- Chinese delicacy that is made with chicken stir-fried in red pepper sauce. This dish is full of spices and flavors, making it a mouth-watering dish. It is best eaten with rice. One can plan a lunch date with their loved ones to try out this delicious cuisine.

So, get excited to try your hand with these tastiest delicacies from Korean Chinese Food Menu in BaysideDon’t wait and visit the best Korean-Chinese restaurant in Bayside to out the Korean-Chinese mashup. Try it now!

Are You Passionate for Chinese Food? Must Try these 4 Traditional Cuisines!

There will be hardly someone who does not like the Chinese food. People love to have it with joy. Everyone likes it different style of cooking and unique flavour. One of the other reasons that attracts people to have it is, healthy ingredients in it and preparation method. Chinese people are very conscious about the food ingredients and their nutrition values. Every part of the dish is prepared from the scratch whether it’s a tomato sauce or chilli sauce.
If you are also crazy for the Chinese food, you must taste following 4 main dishes in a famous Korean Chinese food restaurant.
It is one of the most famous Chinese foods all over the world. There is also a saying in the China that “no satisfaction without noodles”. You only know the name “noodles” but do you know the different types of this famous food?
This famous food item comes with various varieties. Some of them are right here:
Hot Dry Noodles

In the recipe of this cuisine, noodles cooked noodles are mixed with the oil and then dried. Before serving they are boiled and condiments are mixed in. Specifically, they have soy sauce, pickled veggies, and sesame paste.
Fried Noodles
This type is usually found in the Western Chinese restaurant menus. This is a classic street food that you can always try for just a quick, cheap, and tasty lunch.
Cold Noodles
These are also a very common street food, simple to cook and some pieces of cucumber are added to prepare them. These are also served with the chilli sauce and sesame sauce. Such noodles also come in the form of flat form opposed to traditional string like noodles.
Like noodles Chinese also cook the rice in different ways. Fried rice are the main recipe of the of the Chinese food menu. To prepare this recipe previously cooked rice are used. Day-old rice are good, but the rice that are two or three days old are the best.
Chinese love to add some basic vegetable to prepare them and serve to their guests. They also add egg, meat, chicken, and roasted pork to make the dish more delicious.
Whenever you visit any traditional Korean Chinese food restaurant you should not skip the chance to have the scrumptious rice bowl.

3.Sea Food
Those who are great lover of sea food can go for the Chinese cuisines. The traditional dishes of China come with wide variety of the sea food that will surely make you crazy.
It is said that Chinese people can eat anything such as turtle, shrimps, cuttlefish, shark, and whatever they want. They have discovered the various ways to make the sea food tasty.

breaded_shrimp (1)
People love to have fish cooked in the Chinese style. The bones are rarely removed so that one can eat slowly. Moreover, fish are usually cooked whole and most of the Chinese people eat the fish with head.
They also add salt, ginger, and chilli to make it more flavourful.
You must visit a well-known Korean Chinese food restaurant in your city that can offer you traditional, tasty, and unique Chinese dishes.

7 Korean Chinese Food Etiquettes Every Foodie Needs to Know now

Every country has its own food tradition and following them shows our respect and love towards their cooking culture. While eating a traditional cuisine from refilling a glass to accepting a dish, it is essential to know every do’s and don’ts. The same fact is followed if you are going to have a Korean Chinese cuisine.
What are the things that you should avoid when eating in a Korean Chinese food restaurant? Know them here:
1)Don’t Flip the Fish
It’s normally seen as a bad luck when you flip the fish plus it’s been said that flipping fish over is like saying that fisherman’s boat is going to capsize. All and all, avoid doing it so that their beliefs and sentiments remain safe.

2)Never Discuss your Business During the Meal
It is suggested to not to discuss your business issues on the dining table. Good topics of conversation such as art, food, and sights are considered as the best things to say while eating. Enquiries about the health and well-being of family members are also considered as a good conversation. As in all cultures, discussions are to be kept light and general, not serious politics or religion.
3)Respecting Before Eating
The beauty of having a meal at Korean Chinese food restaurant in Bayside is that you have to serve the food in front of the elders and children firstly. Before starting to eat, the host may offer some words of greeting and you should not start to eat until the host says, ‘Please enjoy yourself’ or something like that, otherwise it suggests disrespect and causes displeasure.
4)Never be the One to Pick the Last Piece
Picking the last piece of anything is considered as a bad luck and shows your greed and being too hungry. It is the host’s responsibility to keep an eye on the various dishes and support the guest to not to take the last piece of something before the dish is removed from the table.

5)Fruits Signifies the End of Meal
Usually, when fruits are served it signifies that it’s time to end the meal. However, the host might persuade you to take whatever food is left uneaten home. So, don’t hesitate to take the leftovers with you.
6)Both Hands for a Toast
To show the utmost respect it is preferred to use both of your hands during the toast. If you want to use one hand, it must only be the right hand and the Chinese do not typically tinkle the glasses.
7)Sample Bite Every Dish
It might be measured rude if you do not sample a bite of every dish. There might be some situations when your host will be looking at you to see your interest in the dishes. They might offer you the dish that they have noticed you tasting the most.
By following these key tips, you will be able to enjoy the food and respecting the custom at the same time.
So, visit your nearest restaurant and try the delicious Korean Chinese food now!

Korean- Chinese Culinary Mash up in NYC: 5 Dishes you won’t Regret Trying

In today’s era, everyone out there is looking out for some new taste and same goes with Korean and Chinese dishes as well. As, both Korea and China share a great culinary tradition dated back to latter half of 19th century, so the fusion of Korean-Chinese dishes actually provide people with authentic flavors.
It’s true that these recipes have their roots in Korea but with their growing popularity, they seem to pop up in New York, India, Japan, and at many other places as well.Moreover, if you believe that Korean and Chinese food is all about soup, kimchi and noodles or sushi, respectively, then you are missing a big picture of this tantalizing cuisine for sure.

Korean-Chinese cuisines to look out in NYC

Here, gourmands are not only showing their love for fortune cookie, crab rangoon, and sesame chicken. However, with the changing trend they have developed their affection for some very delicious Korean-Chinese dishes like Ja Jang Myun, Jjam pong and Udon, too.

Due to the popularity of this fusion, it is easily available at almost every Korean Chinese Restaurant in NYC. So, for real authentic taste you must try them at one of an eat out place, where these are prepared by professionals.
Below are some of the main and well-known dishes that include Korean-Chinese flavor. You can refer it and later enjoy at one of the restaurants in the city.

Ja Jang Myun

For lunch or dinner, it is the most filling food prepared from wheat flour, which is blended with other ingredients such as saltwater and baking soda. This mixture is converted into hand-made or machine-pulled noodles. Its sauce is made from fried chunjang with other fixings, such as soya sauce, meat, seafood, and other vegetables like onion and, cabbage (optional).Further, it is topped with cucumber, garnished with egg and stir-fried bamboo shoot slices.



This main course dish is cooked using pork or beef loin coated in batter, usually made by soaking a mixture of potato or corn starch in water for several hours. For thick consistency, cooking oil or egg white is used. It is served with sweet and sour sauce, made by boiling vinegar, sugar, and water, with a variety of fruits and vegetables.


Food aholic who are looking for spicy garlic fried boneless chicken; it is the main food for them. Served with sweet sour spicy sauce, this dish creates a delicious aroma that you will simply adore!!

Jjam Pong

If you are out only for an evening snack at one of the Korean Chinese Restaurant in Bayside then, you can try this light soup made with red and spicy seafood which is flavored with gochutgaru.The main ingredient of this soup is noodles. To add on to your taste, you can even include garlic, onion, carrots, mussels, and pork.


Udon is a pre-lunch or dinner snack. An alternative soup for those who love plain rather than hot-red spicy flavors! The main ingredient of it is noodles which also comprises onion and other vegetables. For more, it is also available with seafood as one of the main element.
Apart from this, for Bayside and NYC’s seafood lovers there is exclusive seafood menu available at restaurants which can fill them up, suppressing their appetite. So, go and have an experience of these appetizing cuisines at one of the Korean Chinese restaurants in NYC today.


5 Traditional Chinese Dishes to spruce up your Friday

Perhaps Chinese dishes have everything that it needs to win our hearts. From that sizzling sea bass dipped in awesome sauce to that lip smacking spongy dumplings, Chinese dishes will give you the heaven like flavors every time with every bite.

And, when it is Friday night, what can be better than eating some super delicious traditional Chinese food to soothe your palate? Well, if you do not have any idea, what all traditional Chinese dishes should be on your table this Friday, don’t hesitate to check out this list to uncover the entire list of top 5 traditional Chinese dishes, which you can add to the Friday Buffet, without thinking twice.

Without much ado, take a look at those dishes here!

  1. Meat and Veggies Steamed Dumplings

traditional Chinese food

One of the most popular traditional dishes from China is nothing but those classic dearly dumplings filled with meat or veggies. Be it steamed or fried, you will feel all the flavors, as soon as you take your first bite.

What makes it yummier is that local dips that add a unique sweet, spicy, and bitter flavor to those delicious dumplings.

2. Scrumptious Spinach Noodles

bō cài miàn
bo cai main

You can simply impress anyone with this mind-blowing Chinese dish. Well, anyone would feel superb tasting that noodles made from spinach topped with some of your favorite ingredients. You can simply add spicy and tangy tomato sauce along with some eggs, potatoes, carrots, chili, beef, or any other veggie that you like.

3.Finger Licking BBQ Meat

kǎo ròu
kao rou

It is one of the most admired meat servings in China, in fact, one of the most lovable traditional Chinese foods. Not just it is available in restaurants, but also on street carts, which allow every Chinese to enjoy its admiring taste. These sticks of meat are usually cooked over the burning coal. For meat, you can go for lamb, beef, chicken, or even the gizzards. The sticks are super spicy and taste best when served hot.

4.Mind- Blowing Mutton Stew

yáng ròu pào mó
yang rou pao mo

Almost every Chinese love to eat this tasty Chinese dish. Instead of using noodles, the stew is mixed with bits of unleavened bread, which taste yum when soaked in the rich flavored stew. Served with hot chili sauce and pickled garlic, nothing can offer such awesome taste of diverse flavors all together in one dish.

5.Sweet and Sour Eggplant

yú xīang qié zi
yu xiang qie zi

Most of us might not like eating eggplant at home, but this traditional thing from China will make you fall in love with it. That sliced eggplant tastes more like sour and sweet pork. It can even be a perfect replacement of tangy pork for all those who just love to live on veggies.

What enhances the flavors of this dish is that pinch of hot red chili and fish sauce, which takes it to another level.

Are not these lists of traditional Chinese food perfect to make your Friday night even more magnificent? Well, of course they are. Yes, Chinese people adore these food items and now it is your turn to fall in love with this amazing cuisine and eat it forever and ever.